Hello World!

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

To be honest, re-entering the blog world with a food perspective makes me a little nervous…but mostly VERY excited. Let me explain how I got here.

I have had a thing for frosting and dessert since I was a child, as is abundantly clear from the pic below.

While I’ve also always enjoyed baking, it wasn’t until last spring that I started doing it really consistently. Realizing I was in need of some creative therapy, I set a goal to bake something every Saturday morning. This was also a great opportunity to practice photographing the results with my new, heavy and alarmingly complicated Canon EOS 60D.

I began to look forward to Saturday morning all through the week. I would spend my lunch break scouring for recipes online. I think I enjoyed it too because it was as challenging as it was fun – these recipes brought me through new frontiers of piping bags and puff pastry.

Six months later, I came to the realization that in order to grow I would need to challenge myself continually – hence this blog!

In some ways I feel unqualified to start something like this. I am the definition of a home cook – Mom-taught, Alton-taught, Ina-taught, Pioneer Woman-taught. The same goes for photography – I am figuring it all out one frantic google search at a time! But I also know there are a lot of other people on this same journey who have a similar love of both baking and photography, so if a recipe I share is just what you needed then it’s all worth it!

A note on the name of this blog. One reason I picked it is simply because I had blueberries and Greek yogurt for breakfast this morning. I like the idea though – while I love to indulge (and there will be plenty of that on here) I am also drawn to recipes that are sweet but simple. It’s also always nice to have a little something healthy thrown in with the sweetness. I mean, we could all use one more reason to justify dessert, right?

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  • http://colorcodedgrassstains.wordpress.com Renée

    So excited to follow your new Saturday morning adventures. You take amazing pictures and every photo I’ve seen of your food leaves me hungry. Plus, I love that you have a sweet tooth like me! Good luck.

    • http://blueberriesandcream.com Jessie

      Thanks for your support Renée! It means a lot!

  • http://www.nomika-epilekta.gr Ageliki Bournas

    I am really happy to find you at your beginning, and since your name has something ‘Greek’… I send you ‘kalo-rizika’ a wish of ‘steady roots’ and ‘growth’ as we say here in Athens.
    Congradulations on your first recipe, just love lemon !!! I hope your future recipes are as interesting. As we Greeks say… ‘you can tell if it’s a good day, in the morning!’ GOOD LUCK

    • http://blueberriesandcream.com Jessie

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes!! :)

  • http://colorcodedgrassstains.wordpress.com Renée

    I was just thinking you might want to copy and paste some or all of this first post into your “about” section since it appears blank right now. Just an idea! Loving your posts!

    • http://blueberriesandcream.com Jessie

      You’re totally right – I have been putting off filling out that section but I need to get it done! Good idea to use text from this first section. Hope you’re doing well!

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