Chocolate Cream Cheese Ravioli

I truly enjoy every step of the baking process. Finding a recipe somewhere, shopping for ingredients, seeing all the disparate elements come together into something delicious, and watching the joy others have when tasting it (aka, staring them down as they try their first bite and interrogating them as to whether they like it and why they’re lying when they say they do…but I’m working on that…)

I actually even enjoy the process when things go a bit awry – I guess the risk of that happening is what keeps it all adventurous. Making this Chocolate Ravioli (with cream cheese/white chocolate filling and raspberry sauce) was just such an experience.

To begin with, this time around my little brother came along as I shopped for ingredients at Target. This is what he looks like:

I like having him around, especially when it means I can force him to listen to Taylor Swift in the car, but he can be a bit dangerous…this time, as I was asking the Target employee to point me to the baking aisle, he came up behind me and said “Flirt with himmm!!” in a stage whisper that reverberated off the aisles. I get a bit blushy whenever I’m talking to people I don’t know regardless, so let’s just say he got a talking to on the way home!

I think I must have first heard of Chocolate Ravioli on Iron Chef America, or somewhere similar. I pulled the different components of this dessert from a variety of sources. However, I decided not to share a recipe because, to be honest, this dish was not quite up to par.

Actually, if my life were a reality show, I would probably be blinking away tears during my exit interview after having just been told to pack my knives and go.

It definitely wasn’t terrible – it was liked enough to disappear by the end of the day. However, I only want to post recipes that I truly believe are worth sharing, and ideally easy to make (this one was not). The pasta just wasn’t the right texture (I am definitely going to use a pasta roller next time). Also, the cocoa flavor in the ravioli is so mild, I think if I make this again I will use chocolate sauce instead of raspberry to accentuate the chocolate flavor.

But I did learn several lessons through this whole process – and I’m glad I tried it! If you do decide to make homemade pasta or attempt a chocolate version, here are a couple links I found to be really helpful:

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  • Renée

    These look so yummy. Bummer they weren’t quite what you hoped. Better luck next time. I would have DIED in Target if that happened to me, lol. You’re so right about brothers being a risk in public. You never quite know if it will be the funniest or most embarrassing outing of your life :)

  • Katie @Epicurean Mom

    OMG! I MUST make this!! Looks and sounds incredible!!

    Katie @Epicurean Mom

  • Theresa

    Maybe put raspberry filling with mini chocolate chips in the ravioli, and chocolate sauce on top drizzled with white chocolate….? They look yummy!

  • Jessie

    Haha Renée you are so right…

    Good idea on the variation – I think this recipe just needed a little tweaking like that and it would have been great.

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