Halloween Cupcakes

I will be honest – Halloween is not my favorite. Actually, I think the last time I dressed up was back in 2003!

I was a sophomore in college, and had just landed the PERFECT college job at nearby Queen Anne Starbucks. It was a great location – the customer base was an interesting mix of urban Seattle people, neighborhood regulars, and college kids from my school.

However, I was a naive, somewhat self-absorbed college student, and this being one of my first jobs I didn’t quite understand the grave importance of writing down my schedule correctly. That Halloween night, I had just plopped my tray of cafeteria food down with a friend when I got a call from the store – I was supposed to be working and I was late!

I threw on a long, blonde wig I had borrowed from a friend, and miserably made my appearance. I felt so bad and embarrassed, and it is hard to pull off ridiculously long blonde hair when you’re feeling miserable!

I also got cleaner in my eye towards the end of the night. I remember that at the end of the shift, my co-workers on the closing team asked if I wanted to grab something to eat with them. I said no, and then I felt bad for saying no, as I appreciated that they were willing to hang out with a blonde, blood-shot/mascara stained hot mess! But I all I wanted to do was go back to the dorms, dive under the covers, listen to Coldplay on my Discman and recover.

As it turns out…life is not always so dramatic and tragical as it is in my head – and bad nights like that are rarely as monumental as they seem. I went on to spend five years at Starbucks and become great friends with those co-workers and so many other people in that company. I still haven’t ever felt an inclination to dress up for Halloween though!

I recently saw a recipe for  a Halloween themed Chocolate Buttercream Cake on an episode of Barefoot Contessa. I decided to convert it to cupcakes. The cake turned out fine, but sadly, I can’t recommend the frosting (it was way too buttery, and lacked flavor).

If you do decide to try either the cake or the frosting, Ina’s instructions should be followed carefully and exactly. Because of that, I’m simply linking to her recipe as I didn’t want to reword it or change anything – you can find it here. The only change I made in order to convert these to cupcakes was to reduce the baking time (about 18-20 minutes). This recipe produced about 30 cupcakes. I also used a combination of red and yellow food coloring, as I couldn’t find orange at the store.

I hope you all have a fun Halloween whatever you do! :)

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