Hi everyone! I hope you had a good weekend – my weekend flew by because my sister Maren and I took a quick day trip to Portland!

I like going to Portland – it’s a three-hour drive from Seattle, so the trip can easily be accomplished on a Saturday. In addition, there are some really unique places to eat there. I thought I should share the highlights of our trip with you!

First of all – coffee. Maren and I have 10 years of experience working at Starbucks between the two of us, so we appreciate the need for caffeine. In Portland, Stumptown is the obvious choice!

We decided on the drive down that we would go to Screen Door for brunch. I have already mentioned my experience trying their Shrimp and Grits. I can now officially say Screen Door is my favorite restaurant in Portland.

I ordered an egg scramble with grits and a biscuit. It was so good. My sister made a wise decision and ordered chicken and waffles.

Their fried chicken is literally the best we’ve ever tasted. I love that place and wish we had one in Seattle!!

Next stop – Powell’s Books. This is a given on any trip to Portland. It is the biggest bookstore I’ve ever been in – the store is the length of a whole city block. This time around I spent some quality time in the cookbook section.

Here is a picture of me in the bookstore. I’m trying to look casual and hide the panic I immediately feel whenever a camera is pointed at me…

After Powell’s, we headed to NW 23rd Avenue and wandered through the boutiques for awhile. When dinner time arrived, we were getting tired and used Yelp to find something within walking distance.

We ended up at a Thai place called Red Onion.

Maren started off with a Thai iced tea – always a good choice.

This restaurant received fairly good ratings online, but sadly we didn’t like the food at all. Mine was not quite hot enough, and the chicken tasted sort of processed. It’s possible we just weren’t that hungry, or maybe we are Thai food snobs?

I did however enjoy the appetizer I ordered – deep fried tofu served with peanut plum sauce.

After making one more stop for coffee, we headed home to the music of the Mamma Mia soundtrack, Michael Jackson, and whatever else we could find that would keep us awake. I love traveling! I wish I could go visit somewhere at least once a month!

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  • http://gravatar.com/missallaneous missallaneous

    UM. Those chicken and waffles look AMAZING.

    • http://blueberriesandcream.com Jessie

      They were really popular too – we sat by the kitchen and there was a constant stream of beautiful chicken and waffles coming out :)

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