Chocolate Chip and Mascarpone Cupcakes

This past weekend we celebrated my brother-in-law Sky’s birthday. He asked for cupcakes, and when I asked what flavor he wanted, he said “Chocolate with chocolate please.” Always an excellent choice!

I searched online for a good cupcake recipe and came across Giada’s Chocolate Chip and Mascarpone Cupcakes. I was especially drawn to this recipe because I’ve never tasted or baked with mascarpone before.

I have to say I am a fan! Mascarpone is an Italian cheese with a controversial pronunciation (I just say it really fast and hope nobody listens closely). It is creamy and decadent. Warning: it is also expensive!

I was also grateful to this recipe for its ganache, as it was much easier to transport than towering mountains of frosting…

The one customization I made was to sprinkle mini chocolate chips on top. I think adding extra chocolate whenever possible is a good life principle to abide by.

I’m grateful to my little brother for helping me transport the cupcakes, especially because I was feeling very focused and wildly protective of them. I think I told him that if he jostled them on the ride over I would end him. I felt bad and apologized for behaving like a crazy psycho about my cupcakes, to which he mentioned that was an “understatement” but that I was forgiven. We have such a good relationship!

As it turned out, there was no need for nerves because the cupcakes were a chocolaty success, and the party was a great time. Happy Birthday to Sky!!

I followed Giada’s recipe word for word (besides adding the chocolate chips on top). So rather than paraphrase it here, I’ll just send you to the original. You can find the recipe here:

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  • cry5tal985

    The frosting looks so gooey & delicious!

    • Jessie

      Thanks! It was, and it was easy to make too!

  • celene deita


    • Jessie

      I noticed one person who commented on Giada’s recipe said they used cream cheese (but also modified the recipe in other ways). If you try it definitely let me know how it turns out – that would certainly be a less expensive option!

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