Chocolate Bread with Chocolate Butter

As I write this, it is Thursday night. I’ve officially decided that Thursday nights are on my list of Favorite Things. I really like Thursdays because the next day is Friday, and all the best tv shows are on.

Another one of my favorite things is my sister Halley, aka Frantic College Student.

Poor girl! I remember those days. Always faced with the dilemma: Should I stay up until 3am and study? Or should I go to bed now and get up at 3am to study? I usually ended up doing one or the other of those at Starbucks…yet another of my Favorite Things.

But now, down to business. As you could probably guess, a couple more items on my list include chocolate and bread. So, why not have both together??

I first discovered chocolate bread at Bakery Nouveau. It was moist and delicious, almost like a pound cake.

This version is a little more bread-like, and is a yeast bread. But it is also rich and is full of chocolate flavor.

But there was no need to stop there – might as well add chocolate butter!

A couple notes: I used David Lebovitz’s recipe for this bread. His post was thorough and detailed, and I had no inclination to make any changes. Because of this, I’ll just send you over to his post for the recipe. It can be found at:

I followed his advice and invested in bread flour. I couldn’t find Dutch-process cocoa, but purchased Premium Cocoa instead. It is a mixture of natural cocoa and Dutch-process and worked well for me. I also chose not to include nuts.

The chocolate butter is from Paula Deen – recipe is located here (see the last paragraph):

This bread was so good – I highly recommend it! I think it would be great for breakfast.

Have a great weekend!

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  • missallaneous

    Looks amahzing!

  • kat

    YUM! You had me at chocolate butter!!!

  • Jessie

    Thanks! This was a fun one!

  • Amrita

    That is gorgeous! I must admitted that I play favourites all the time…dense and rich cake over anything bread-like. I think I’ve had too many bad experiences with chocolate breads that taste too flour-ish, but this one looks absolutely gorgeous!

    • Jessie

      Thank you! :)

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