Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! We have victoriously made it through another week, and Friday is here.

I see a lot of Friday posts on different blogs, and I always enjoy reading them. So I  thought I’d start sharing a couple random thoughts/favorite things at the end of each week.

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are here! This is one of my favorite Starbucks beverages. It also means eggnog is just around the corner…

2. I have a Starbucks drink recommendation for you. I almost always drink straight brewed coffee from Starbucks, but having this sweeter drink reminded me of one of my favorite beverages back when I was a barista: Americano with white chocolate sauce. It’s SO good and not quite so many calories because you’re getting water instead of milk! (Of course if you put in a little bit of cream it’s even more scrumptious.)

3. We’ve been having some really beautiful weather here in Seattle these last couple of weeks. I’m so grateful for the warm sun that’s carrying into September! I’m trying to run more regularly and it’s so much easier to be motivated with the weather like this. The other day I took a video of one of my favorite areas to run:

4. I visited the Seattle Central Library for the first time this week – what an absolutely stunning structure! More photos coming soon in next week’s Style Chronicles post…

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  • angelasadventures

    That picture of the Seattle Library is gorgeous! I would SO love to go there sometime. Like you, I’m really happy about the Pumpkin Spice and I think I’ll try the Americano with White Chocolate sauce, it sounds delicious!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

    • http://www.jessienextdoor.com/ Jessie

      I hope you can make it out there sometime – it was really an experience! Have a great weekend Angela!

  • Missa

    I miss Greenlake! I miss walking around Greenlake with you!

    • http://www.jessienextdoor.com/ Jessie

      Me too!!!

  • Chelsea M

    Hey Jessie! What app did you use to make the cute hearts in your photo of the PSL? Thanks XOXO

    • http://www.jessienextdoor.com/ Jessie

      Picfx, with Instagram for the filter. It has some really fun light effects!

  • erin

    OH MY GOSH covert affairs is basically my favorite show..and tonight I watched last weeks episode…ahhh it was intense!!!

    • http://www.jessienextdoor.com/ Jessie

      I know right?? I’m feeling such a range of emotions about it all….

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