High Five for Friday

Friday has arrived again! I want to take a moment and just savor where we are – the weekend ahead, a short week including Thanksgiving after that, and then Christmastime!

I thought I would link up with Lauren of From My Grey Desk and write a High Five for Friday post. So here are five things from my life this week:

1. My friend Grace and I both have a weakness for nail polishes. I’m always so tempted to pick up a new shade when I go to Target, but then again I’ve never finished a whole bottle. So Grace had the idea that we lend each other colors. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before!

This is the color I borrowed from her this week: Big Spender by Essie. I really like this berry color for fall.

2. The season for cooking competition shows is here: Top Chef Seattle has started as well as Next Iron Chef! I don’t always like Top Chef because of all the negative drama but I just have to watch the Seattle season.

Next Iron Chef is one of my favorite competition shows – I’m rooting for several of the chefs (especially Alex – she’s so intense and I love it) and I hope Alton Brown keeps hosting everything and anything.

3. I don’t have a gym membership right now, so I’ve been searching for workout options for rainy days. I see a lot of these list workouts on Pinterest and other blogs, and sometimes I like doing those more than watching a dvd. It’s nice to be able to listen to my own workout music.

This week I tried Lauren Conrad’s version, and I liked this one a lot. The exercises were simple (so no need to stop and look up how to do each one) and I was able to use it as a foundation and add in a couple of other exercises. I’ll definitely be doing it again!


photo from LaurenConrad.com

4. I have been loving the Martha Stewart home office products at Staples! Such a beautiful color.

5. In an effort to balance out all the sweets to come during the holidays, as well as just to eat more fruits and vegetables, I’ve been experimenting with some more green juices. I’ve discovered the magic ingredient – lemon juice. It makes a huge difference and adds a bit of brightness.

I know this smoothie basically looks like mud, but I’m finding this to be the best way to get several cups of spinach into my system. It’s interesting that the spinach flavor doesn’t really show up when blended with fruit.

So that’s my week! I’m ready for the weekend – I’ll probably be seeing a movie but not sure which one yet.

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans? I hope you have a great one with both fun and rest!

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  • Maren

    I use the Martha Stewart products for my office at work. Love them!

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