Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! I hope you had a really great long weekend. I had such an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I would recap it for you:

Wednesday night I saw Breaking Dawn with my sisters. During the trailers they showed the preview for the new Les Miserables movie. This preview has made me cry more than once already, but I was not prepared for the extended version. I suddenly found myself starting to lose control and move to the sobbing stage. I regained my composure and looked over at my sisters….who were both hunched over with tears streaming down their faces. It was so funny! If you haven’t seen the long trailer yet here it is:

Thanksgiving was everything it should be…family time and platefuls of homemade food. That night my sisters, brother, brother-in-law, and a couple friends went Black Friday shopping. It was my first attempt, but I couldn’t say no because our destination was Target.

Target opened at 9pm so we arrived around 6. The line was existent but not too long. The first two hours went by quickly as we played games and chatted, while Target employees handed out snacks and hot coffee. The most interesting part of the experience was the final half hour before 9. We all suddenly realized that the three girls in front of us weren’t there before…we didn’t bother to actually say anything to them, although my brother-in-law Sky mentioned in a carrying voice that the sheriff was checking the line for cutters, and would probably shoot first and ask questions later. The girls looked kind of guilty but not too worried as the sheriff was grey-haired and kindly, and was walking up and down chatting and joking.

Five minutes before things got way more intense though – suddenly an entire crowd started creeping in from the sides, getting ready to jump in line out of turn. People who had been waiting for awhile were yelling at them, but there was really nothing to be done. Once the doors opened it was a flurry of elbows and wild-eyed shoppers on a mission.

It actually was pretty well organized and we had a good time. I was mostly going for the cultural experience and didn’t buy much. Here is a pic as we waited in line – you can see the kindly sheriff in the background.

Friday was relaxing and fun, and Saturday marked my first chai eggnog latte of the season:

In the evening we spent some time at my sister’s house, and watched Bride Wars with their dog flopped among us, enthusiastically puffing his dragon breath on anyone who showed him attention. He sure is cute though!

Today (Sunday) was balanced and restful. Church in the morning, a run at Green Lake (which was beautiful with November sunlight and gusts of wind blowing leaves everywhere), and lots of organizing for the coming week.

I’m grateful for such an ejoyable weekend and for the family and friends who made it that way. I hope yours was equally good – I know that holidays can sometimes be a bit complicated or stressful, but I hope it’s not that way for you. Have a great Monday and see you soon with some baked goods!

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  • Missa

    Did you get your chai eggnog latte at the U-Village Sbux? :)

    • Jessie

      No it was actually the mall by my house :) I really need to go to U-Village though, now that it will be decorated for Christmastime…wish you could come with me!!

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