High Five for Friday! Star Trek, Blizzards and Vines.

Happy Friday everyone! I’m linking up again with Lauren from thelaurenelizabeth.com for another H5FF post.

Here are five moments from this past week:


Last Friday I saw Star Trek with my friend Holly. I really liked it. I don’t know a lot about Star Trek, but I still felt pulled in by the story. I thought it was a nice mix of action and personality. Benedict Cumberbatch was supreme as a bad guy…I mostly know him from Sherlock (highly recommend that show if you haven’t seen it!) and he outdid himself here.


This was my Sunday morning breakfast. I’m trying to eat more “clean” meals these days, to balance out my love for sweets.


Case in point…this was my Tuesday afternoon lunch! On Tuesday both my brother and I were sick so we decided that totally justified Blizzards for lunch. It was pretty awesome.


Started Thursday off with a run at Green Lake.

My final moment for this week is courtesy of my little brother. If you haven’t heard of Vine, it’s an app that allows you to create 6-second videos. I thought this one was so funny. It features Mike and his guinea pig Gary. (You may need to un-mute by hovering over the top-left corner of the video.)


I hope you had a great week too!!

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  • Beth

    I miss my guinea piggie!! Too much adorable!

  • Jessie

    I know they are so cute!!

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