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Banana Pancakes

Monday, May 20th, 2013


Happy Monday! I thought I would share one of my favorite healthy recipes in case you’re feeling the need to repent from the buttery popcorn you ate at Star Trek this last weekend…

I discovered banana pancakes on the Blogilates YouTube channel (see the blog post here).

This is absolutely one of the best healthy meals I’ve ever tried. The ingredients are so simple and clean – 2 eggs and a banana. That’s all! And these pancakes are delicious. The eggs make you full, and the banana lends just the right amount of sweetness.

To prepare them, simply whisk together 2 eggs and 1 mushed banana. Fry in a pan (with cooking spray or butter) and you’re good to go! I sometimes top them with a bit of butter and cinnamon, but they are perfectly good without.

I really really hope you give these a try. They’ve changed my lunch-life.


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High Five for Friday – Family Edition

Friday, May 17th, 2013

It’s Friday time! I hope you have a good weekend ahead of you. I’m looking forward to Star Trek, catching up with friends, and taking a nap or two.

Here are five moments from the past week or so. The theme this time around is definitely family!


Last weekend I played some more Settlers of Catan with my sister and brother-in-law. Things are still looking bad for me…but I’m an optimist by nature and keep waiting for that moment when things turn around and I win 10 in a row. It could happen!


Last Sunday was Mother’s Day of course. I’m so grateful for my mom – she is the best listener and a prayer warrior.


Snapped this photo of my brother resting up on the drive home after our typical multi-dessert family gathering for Mother’s Day.


 About two weeks ago our family friends Mike and Maren came to visit from Tulsa. It was so great having them with us. Mike and my dad have been friends for about 50 years. They talk so much alike – and it’s not even like one is copying the other. They’re just alike!


 This final pic is not of family. But I just had to document the week of absolutely clear skies and sunny weather we experienced recently! It was gorgeous and refreshing. The clouds have rolled back in, but at least we had a glimpse of what’s to come for summer.

Have a great weekend!
 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

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April Favorites – Media Edition

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

We are halfway through May, but I thought I should still share my April favorites!

This month I decided to just focus on media. Here are some songs, apps, and miscellaneous bits of media I encountered during the month of April!


I just love Sara Bareilles. As a commuter, I’m always looking for good music to sing along with while I’m stuck in traffic, and she is perfect for that. Her new single Brave is awesome – it’s perfect for listening to on the way to a challenging day, or just before kickboxing class. I cannot wait for her new album this summer!


Michael Buble also came out with a new album, To Be Loved.


It isn’t my favorite of his albums, but it’s always nice to have fresh music. I’ve especially enjoyed listening to his duet with Reese Witherspoon – a remake of Something Stupid. The original by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy is literally the most-played song on my iTunes. I don’t know why I like it so much, but I really do and it was fun to hear a new version (the old one is still better though).


I really enjoy making lists. It’s possible I have an addiction. I’ve tried a few list apps but never cared for them until I tried Wunderlist. I love it so much! It’s easy to navigate and check items off. I use it to organize blog ideas, shopping lists, wish lists, to do lists, etc etc.


I also really like PicTapGo for editing photos. The filters are helpful for initial adjustments before Instagram, and I like that you can adjust the opacity of the filters.



Benji and Judy’s Tokyo trip.

Judy is a beauty guru on YouTube, and she vlogs every single day with her husband and baby. I’ve been watching for nearly a year, and I just love them. They actually live pretty close to me, so it’s fun to see them go to the same places I go. During April they went to Japan for two weeks, and I really enjoyed seeing 20 minutes or so of their travels every day.

How Animals Eat Their Food

This video is so dumb. Maybe it was because it was the end of a Friday night after a long week, but I was laughing so hard my abs hurt.

Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge

This little workout is short but you are guaranteed to feel the burn! It hurts so bad! I’ve been doing it almost every day and can finally do the whole thing.

Blog Post

My sister emailed me this story, informing me that she was laughing so hard tears were rolling down her face and she was snorting. I started to read it and had to stop several times, because I was starting to lose control and I was in the library. This is the story of a first date gone wrong and it is SO FUNNY.

Warning though: If you don’t like fart humor then avoid!!

These are my April Favorites! If you have any videos, music etc that you are enjoying lately, feel free to share below.

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Back in business!

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013


Hi everyone!

If you were a previous reader of Jessie’s Kitchen Chronicles, thank you for sticking with me…I’m so glad you’re here. I took about a month and a half break from blogging, which is basically eternity in the blog world.

I started taking a class and wanted to make sure I could succeed. Things are going well in school, so I’m back and SO ready to be writing again!

In other news, I have completely re-branded this blog. I had a realization a couple months ago that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with baking posts a couple times a week. It takes several hours to plan a recipe, shop for ingredients, bake, edit photos, and write. I still love it and hope to have baking posts about once a week. I just didn’t want it to feel like a chore – I want to only write about content that inspires me.

Jessie Next Door is a lifestyle/baking blog. I will be writing about recipes, beauty products, photography, and anything else that catches my attention. There will be elements of my personal life and faith, and a video every now and then.

I hope you enjoy reading! If you have any feedback, or anything you would like to see more of, please let me know. Or if you feel like just saying hi, please feel free to send me an email (jessienextdoor (at) gmail (dot) com) or comment. I would love to get to know other bloggers/readers out there!

Until tomorrow! <3

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