June Favorites: Nails, Notebooks and Workouts!

Happy July everyone! Here are a few of my favorite things from this past month.


These notebooks from Target! I’m taking Organic Chemistry and Nutrition this summer. It’s a bit of a depressing thought (although so far my chem teacher has let us go home ridiculously early each day) so I figured I might as well have cute notebooks! I like the look of the pages inside too.


Seche Vite topcoat. I love this stuff SO MUCH! I am an impatient nail-dryer, and always start fidgeting with something which in the past always led to messed-up polish. But then this top coat entered my life, and now my nails are literally dry within 3-5 minutes. I feel like I’m sounding like a commercial…I would totally make one for this topcoat though because it’s amazing!


While we’re on the subject of nails, this is the latest polish I added to my collection after hearing about it on EssieButton’s YouTube channel. At around $2.50 it is very inexpensive, and yet lasted several days longer than my Essie polishes. I really liked the color too.


This is not exactly a favorite (yet) but I thought I’d mention that I’ve been using OPI’s Nail Envy. This was not a cheap product, but it’s supposed to be amazing for nail health. My nails have been peeling for many months, and I’m determined to fix them. So far I’m seeing a slight improvement – I’ll keep you updated.

My last favorite is Blogilates! I’ve mentioned Cassey’s “Call Me Maybe” squat challenge before. I’ve been doing that one often, but also loving the huge selection of workout videos on her YouTube channel. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

That is all for this month! Have a great Fourth everyone!

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  • Becky

    Doing the nail thing is something I never do, and the drying time is one of the biggest reasons why — I NEVER get them dry before I end up smudging them somehow. I’ll have to give Seche Vite a try if I can find it, and maybe my nails will thank me for it!

    • http://www.jessienextdoor.com/ Jessie

      I’ve seen it at Target and Ulta – I hope you can find some! It’s life changing! :)

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