High Five for Friday: Scrubs, Colors and Clean Eats!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had a safe 4th and can enjoy a nice weekend. Linking up with Lauren again today – here are five moments from this past week.


It’s so weird that I’ll be turning 29 this month…I feel wayyy younger than that on the inside. I guess that’s good?


I picked up some (long-overdue) new running shoes this week and I love them SO MUCH. The colors are so cheerful, and they are nice and sturdy compared to my old worn ones. If you live in Seattle, Jock and Jill by Green Lake is absolutely the best place to go for running shoes!


As mentioned before, I’m trying to incorporate a lot more clean meals into my diet this month. Greek yogurt and raspberries – simple and clean. I’ll be instagramming some of my meals (and would love to see any of your clean meals) – you can find me at @jessienextdoor.


Scrubs selfie! On my way to volunteer in the ER. I’m planning to write a more detailed post about why I’m changing careers and will talk about this a bit more soon.


I didn’t do anything too eventful for the 4th as I work early but I did get to watch my brother light some fireworks. Actually as I write this, fireworks are still constantly exploding outside my window. It seems like it’s more than usual this year?? Anyway I hope you had a really good holiday and enjoy the weekend ahead! <3

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  • Vivienne

    Hey Jess, lovely visiting your blog! I’ve always wanted to be a nurse when I was a kid, I’m so glad that you’re pursuing a career in nursing and hope to hear more about it as you progress :) Oh, and I’ve just turned 29 myself last week…I still feel like a kid most of the time too :P
    Very healthy and yummy snack! I also like greek yogurt with sliced peaches and a sprinkle of cinnamon during the summer (its winter here atm brrr)

    • http://www.jessienextdoor.com/ Jessie

      Hi Vivienne! Aw thanks for stopping by to visit :) I will definitely talk more about nursing…I’m feeling pretty excited and I think I’ll dedicate a post to it soon. Peaches with greek yogurt and cinnamon sounds so good!! It’s so funny to think that it’s winter for you all the way over there…I look forward to hear more about what’s going on with you! Hope you’re doing well! :)

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