Simple and Spicy Guacamole


Hi everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was busy and productive! On Saturday morning I ran the Run of the Mill 5K. I’m emotionally attached to this one because it’s the very first race I ever did. I was soooo nervous the first time.

This was my fourth time running it, and my fastest time yet. In fact, I improved last year’s time by 2 minutes! I’ve been running regularly, and I really believe this combined with the Blogilates vidoes I’ve mentioned previously are making me stronger. It feels good to have hard work pay off!


Today’s recipe is healthy and clean. I’ve mentioned that I enjoy watching Benji and Judy’s daily vlogs on YouTube (username It’s Judy’s Life) and for awhile I’ve thought Benji’s guacamole looked absolutely delicious.


This recipe uses sriracha sauce, which combined with the jalapeno gives it a nice kick! If you don’t like heat, maybe start slow with the sriracha and add it in to taste. I loved it though.

Guac goes with so many things. I tried it on top of a sweet potato, with plain Greek yogurt for dinner and it was SO GOOD. The yogurt balanced the heat of the guac and overall it is one of my new favorite clean meals.


Also pictured are kale chips from Trader Joe’s. They were pretty good, considering it is kale…not sure if I’ll buy again though.

The recipe is very simple – you need 10 ingredients. Avocados (5-6 halved), lime juice (2-3 limes), cilantro (coarsely chopped), tomatos (1/2 cup diced), onions (1/2 cup well minced), 1 jalapeno (minced finely), black pepper, cumin, salt, and sriracha sauce.

Place all the ingredients in a bowl, and mash each avocado half with a potato masher. Mash any remaining large pieces again, but don’t overmix. With a large spoon, stir everything together, and then taste. Add more cilantro, spices etc to your preference, and enjoy!!

I’m including Benji’s video in case you would like a visual. Have a great Monday!

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  • Becky

    Fantastic that you made such good time on your run! I admire you being so fit and able to complete a run like that (one which would have me crawling before I got very far), and to complete it a whole two minutes faster takes some major doing — kudos!!

    • Jessie

      Thanks so much Becky! I’m actually a pretty slow runner compared to other people, but at least I beat my own goal :)

      • Becky

        Say, is the sriracha found at the grocery store, or is it in specialty stores? I looked in my local Walmart with no luck, but then I could have been looking in the wrong section. The guac looks so good, and I’d love to give it a try!

        • Jessie

          I found it at Target, I believe in the asian food section. If not an asian market should certainly have it!

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