My 10 Favorite Nail Polish Colors


Hello! Happy Friday! I had a lot of fun writing today’s post, because I am just a liiiiittle obsessed with nail polish.

I’ve tried to think about how my fixation started. It could be because I was forbidden to wear it for several years when I worked as a barista. It could be that a little pop of color can brighten my outlook on the day, or because it’s a fairly inexpensive way to reflect each new season of the year. Or maybe it’s that it just makes me feel a little more put together. Whatever the reason, I’ve built a little collection and thought I would share my 10 favorite colors with you!

Admittedly, these colors are Spring/Summer oriented, but many of them will still be appropriate for later in the year, and especially for toes.


First up – Peach Daiquiri by Essie. This was probably my favorite and most frequently worn color of the summer. It’s a bright coral shade that looks classic but also has that cheerful hint of orange that feels like summer and looks great with tan skin.


Mint Candy Apple by Essie. I feel like mint has been such a trendy color the past year or two, and for good reason – it’s so refreshing.


Lacey Lilac (270) by Sally Hansen. This “Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear” is a recent discovery and I love it SO MUCH. It lasts a lot longer than Essie, and it only costs $2.50!! I just wish they had more colors.


Coral Reef by Sally Hansen. My only other color in this brand. It’s a slightly calmer version of Peach Daiquiri.


Bikini So Teeny by Essie. Such a beautiful blue color – I’ll probably wear this during the winter too.


Kiss Me On My Tulips by OPI. Another bright summer shade. This one has a little bit of a purple hue to it.


In the Cab-ana by Essie. A vibrant, bluish turquoise color.


Fruit Machine, by Butter London. I think this brand is way too expensive, but every now and then it goes on sale for $10 at Ulta. This is a very opaque baby pink.


You’re Such a Budapest by OPI. One of my favorite colors of all time for sure…I love it so much!


Watermelon by Essie. Similar to Peach Daiquiri, but with more of a pink undertone.

Thanks for letting me indulge in a little nail polish talk! I’m giving my nails an extended break from polish to strengthen them, so this was fun to write.

Any colors you’ve been loving lately?

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